The Year of My Disappearance

Éditeur BookThug
Langue : Anglais
Numérique - Epub Protection: filigrane ISBN: 9781771664165
Numérique - Epub Sans protection ISBN: 9781771664189

Winner of the 2016 Prix des Libraires

Winner of the 2016 Quebecor Prize for the Trois-Rivières Poetry Festival

Carole David's The Year of My Disappearance is a searing, surreal, darkly comic descent into a woman's psyche. From Governor General's Award winning translator, Donald Winkler, into English, comes this pitiless assault on the author's own torments and pretenses. Present here are figures lodged in her memory: lovers, strangers, her mother, and Bosch-like apparitions out of her dreams and imaginings. Through it all, a fierce combat is being waged between immolation and survival. As David has written, "I gave free range to the lives that dwelt within me." It's down this road the blind spot sings.

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