The illustrator's survival guide - 2nd Edition

Numérique - Epub Protection: filigrane ISBN: 9782922021363
Numérique - PDF Protection: filigrane ISBN: 9782922021370

The illustrator’s survival guide - 2nd edition “Since its inception in 1983, Illustration Québec (Québec Association of Illustrators) has developed numerous promotional tools for illustrators. It has also created documents regarding copyrights, contracts, licences, and other issues relative to the profession of illustration. With its extensive experience, Illustration Québec decided that it was high time to write an illustrator’s survival guide (2nd edition). This tool answers the most frequent questions asked and provides avenues to find additional information on specific accounting and legal topics that illustrators may need throughout their career. You will surely find what you need in this book to facilitate and enrich your experience as an illustrator. Enjoy the read!”


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