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" aching clarity [is] evident in [Castrée's] sombre grey tones and her dexterous, serpentine lines."-Globe & Mail Best 100 Books of 2013

"With mesmerizing honesty Castrée resurrects the obscenely disorienting turning points of a childhood, the ones that haunt a person for a lifetime. After reading the last page I closed the book and wept a little bit about its simple, perfect ending."
-MIRANDA JULY, author ofIt Chooses YouandNo One Belongs Here More Than You

Goglu is a daydreamer with a young working mother, a disengaged stepfather, and a father who lives five thousand miles away. Drawing, punk rock, and the promise of true independence guide Goglu to adulthood while her home's daily chaos inevitably shapes her identity.Susceptible is a devastating graphic novel debut by Geneviève Castrée; it's a testament to the heartbreaking loss of innocence when a child is forced to be the adult amongst grownups..

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