Princess Angelica, Junior Reporter

Langue : Anglais
Collection : Orca Echoes
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Key Selling Points 

In this book, Angelica pretends to be a journalist and uses her skills of both observation and repair to find fodder for her first article.  This book examines friendship, loyalty, truth telling, hard work and resourcefulness and has a strong-willed female lead.  This is the third Princess Angelica book and will appeal to early readers who have enjoyed Angelica and Joon’s friendship and characters from the first books, as well as to those new to Angelica’s antics.  The author was inspired to write this book after meeting a young girl named Angelica, aka Jelly, during a school visit.   In this book, the main character, Jelly, experiences some real-life consequences for her lies when Joon takes a new friend’s side over Jelly's, and the reporter she is impersonating appears in person.   This book features several black-and-white illustrations, which add to this engaging chapter book.

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