Moon of the Crusted Snow

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Papier ISBN: 9781770414006
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Short Description

A post-apocalyptic novel set in a remote northern First Nations community. As their tenuous links to the southern world wink out, Evan and his community learn to rely again on the old ways  to survive. But a wendigo southerner  arrives to threaten everything.

Sales and Market Bullets

A post-apocalyptic thriller set in Northeastern Ontario west of James Bay
Author is a high profile CBC journalist influential on Twitter with 24.8K followers (@waub)
The book centers around a First Nation community of Anishinaabe
Historically, post-apocalyptic stories and themes haven’t been thoroughly explored from an Indigenous perspective in literary fiction
Examines the ongoing impacts of settler colonialism on Indigenous communities
A unique and compelling story about an Indigenous community by an Indigenous author


For readers of Richard Wagamese’s Medicine Walk

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