Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People

Éditeur Conundrum Press
Langue : Anglais
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Ollmann has been called the best writer of short stories working in comics today. Featuring a lengthy introduction, this is the definative collection of those stories. Although the term "graphic novel" has become widely accepted in the publishing industry and the culture at large, it describes long form works. This omnibus makes obvious that there is a need for a term to describe the short story version of the graphic novel. In the same way the short story has recently had a resurgence, winning many literary awards, so too the graphica version. Ollmann won the Doug Wright Award in 2007 for This Will All End in Tears, most of which is contained in this omnibus. The best stories from Chewing on Tinfoil are included, as well as two new stories, written just for this book.

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