Does everyone dies?

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-Mommy, at what age do we die?-It depends. Some people die when they are really, really, really old. Others die really, really, really young. There is no specific age to die at.-Does everyone die?-Yes, my love, we all die one day.-How do we die?-Oh my! There are different ways of dying. We could die because we are extremely old. We could die because we are extremely sick. We can die in all kinds of accidents. We can die drowning or in a fire. There are just so many ways to die, my love.-Mommy, why do we die?-"..."Here is a touching story recommended to parents, educators and any other adult who have to deal with the subject of death and mourning with a child. Though it may seem confusing, at first, for a book that addresses children, mainly because of the frankness and the honesty in which the adults deal with the subject of death with a child, the book is now recommended by several educators and widely used to talk about death and mourning with children. "Offer yourself an original gift, to you and to you children, and hurry to read my friend, Lynne Pion's story, she's a well-known expert in the field." Martin Latulippe, Inspirational speaker and author of the bestseller DIX AIGUILLES (Ten Needles)

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